Graphic Novel Course Next Summer

As I have mentioned, I will be teaching a graphic novel class next May. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just wonder what all of the hype is about, this class will cover a wide variety of the best comics and graphic novels of the past 25 years, including V for Vendetta, The Sandman series, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and Walking Dead. The course will fulfill one of your humanities electives. If you’d like to receive a notice when the course becomes available for registration next Summer, please add your name and email address to the course mailing list. I hope to see you there!


Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said”

I think that this video fits in well with our course theme and our discussion of post-modernism. I encourage you to watch it and comment on it.

Final Exam Questions for This Week

The final exam questions for this week (May 29 & 30) must be submitted by 11 PM tonight. Please remember that the class agreed that each of you would submit two closed questions and two open questions. So, you will need to make sure that your last question meets that requirement (depending on how many of each type you have already submitted).

Also, please remember that the only text that we will cover today is Fight Club.

An Alter Ego

        In the movie Flight Club, I seen the narrator as an outsider based on the life he really lived. The narrator struggles from insomnia, which causes his daily life to be depressing. After looking for help, a man tells him to start attending support groups where he is an outsider in his eyes. Being a man in these meetings where men and women are really crying caused him to displace himself until he realized that crying would let his emotions out and help his insomnia problem. The narrator feels like he is different from the people in the groups at first but soon befriends them and gets better

I also felt that the narrator’s alter ego, Tyler Durden, was an outlaw in the movie. He was involved in a lot of illegal activities including bootlegging soap and stealing cars, which are both criminal activities in society. Tyler Durden also starts the underground Fight Club, and turns it into an organization based off of his thrill in fighting. The look in Tyler’s eyes during the movie made me feel like he was always trying to get into trouble. Towards the end of the movie, he also plans to destroy financial networks and blow up the credit card company so people wouldn’t be in debt. This act of arson is also a crime.

The nameless character of Fight Club

After watching Fight Club, I would consider the nameless character an  outsider and antihero.  He suffers from insomnia and commits crimes while sleeping. He thinks he is a good guy and his friend Durden is the bad guy. However, he is Tyler Durden. At the beginning of the film, it shows his condo being burned down. I’m starting to think he never had a condo in the first place. He probably had always lived in that abandoned looking house.
The nameless character is an outsider, because he doesn’t want to commit crimes with the fight club. He just wants to battle and that’s it. He tries to stop Tyler from committing crimes. I think it’s funny how he thought Tyler was having sex with Mallory, but it was actually him. In the scene where they are in front of the kitchen’s sink, he didn’t look turned on when Mallory grabbed his penis. He actually had a whole lot of sex with her and didn’t realize it. He is an anti-hero, because he saves Mallory from Tyler. They felt like she was a threat and knew too much, so they wanted to knock her off.
Tyler is an outlaw, because he is the leader of the fight club. The members start off just having battles in the basement of a building. It transforms from an underground night club into a violent revolution. He claimed he burned down buildings to help people. Like when he says he is going to burn down the credit card buildings to erase people debt. I don’t think he really cared about anyone.

Outcasted by Society

In the comic “Maus” I viewed Vladek as an outcast. During the Holocauto, it was an era in history where a certain group of people were rejected and many killed. I viewed Vladek as an outcast because the fact that he was simply a Jew he was looked down upon and rejected from society. As much as he tries to do good and help others he still is seen as inferior to the rest of the human race. As a child you’re blind to the problems of the world, but they have been taught to hate Jews at a young age. When the children see him walking and realize he’s Jewish is a perfect example of how society makes people seem bad just because of their race, religion, gender, and nationality. Although Mrs. Kawka agrees to help them she is very stern and aggressive about making sure they say she did not allow them to stay in her barn. I can understand she did not want to get caught, but she continuously reminds them of it each time they come as if she really wishes they’d go away.

Smoke Signals Characters

Smoke Signals in my opinion has quite a few different characters with a few different traits. First, I will start with Victor’s dad. To me, his dad is more of an anti-hero. He saves Thomas in the beginning, but throughout the rest of the movie he was kind of a jerk. You don’t find out until the end that he was the cause of the fire but he still saved Thomas. I think he meant well, but he was still te cause of the fire and ran out on his family. He could also be considered an outlaw for beating his wife and drinking and driving.

Now for Victor, I think he could be considered an outsider. He was extremely rude to Thomas while they were growing up  and he seemed to be distant because of his father. He came to the realization towards the end and to me that was a defying moment.

However, in my opinion Thomas is an outcast from the Indian culture. He was treated so different by Victor and his friends. I think that it wasn’t his decision to be outcasted, but he still was. However, I do not think it phased him. He was raised right and meant well.